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We are always happy to provide you with an accurate and reliable estimate for your printing projects.

Requesting an estimate is simple.

Just submit your project information in the form below or download your spec sheet to us.

We will also have downloadable "fillable" pdf estimate request forms for more specific jobs (Bound Publications, Stationery Packages and Invitation Packages). These forms will be available soon.

Please feel free to call us with any questions concerning your project, or just to chat...:)

Thank you -
Steve and the Crew at Coast Litho
p - 510-654-7336

Contact Information
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Project Specifications
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Prints 1 or 2 sided
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Artwork and Proofs
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Proof Pickup/Delivery
Paper Specifications

(If you don't know the BRAND, just let us know the WEIGHT and select the "Paper Type" below. We can suggest a quality/value sheet)

Paper Type

Text weight or Cover weight

Recycled paper required
Print Specifications
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(example - 3 PMS - check PMS 1, PMS 2, PMS 3)

(example - 4 color process(cmyk) - check 4 color process(cmyk) ONLY)

"Yes" - if ink bleeds off any side of the sheet
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PMS Number(s)
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Folding Specifications
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Please provide all additional details about this project in the field below.
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Thank you for considering Coast Litho for this project.